Go Teams

The Neighborhood Go Team

“Off the Bench…Into the Game”

One of Cornerstone Family Church’s flagship ministries, The Neighborhood Go Team has been serving the church neighbors for over a year now – practically administering part of CFC’s vision of “going out and loving people” by putting Jesus on display on a weekly basis.

The mandate of The Neighborhood Go Team is to “get off the bench, and check into the game.”  The desire is to change the outcome of the “game of life” in the neighborhood by participating in something bigger than ourselves.  This is not a spectator’s sport.  You’ll notice that the best players in the history of sports have one thing in common: they’re the most aggressive players.  They’re not those who sit back and prefer the comfort of the bench.  In the same light, The Neighborhood Go Team has been called to get aggressive against the plans of the enemy in our community.

How does The Neighborhood Go Team get off the bench?

Spring and Summer Months

During the spring and summer months (April through September), The Neighborhood Go Team meets every Monday evening at 6:00 PM at the church.  The team comes armed with lawn mowers, trimmers, blowers, and garbage bags to wreak havoc on the lawns and gardens of the community.  Since the team was established over a year ago, we’ve built several relationships within the community – earning the right to be heard.  By simply pushing lawn mowers in and out of the neighborhood, The Neighborhood Go Team has met and built relationships with over 30 people.  With these “tools of ministry” (mowers, trimmers, etc) by our side, we knock on doors and simply ask “Can we bless you tonight by cutting your grass or picking up garbage in your yard?”  This question is usually answered with a question of their own, “Why?”  This simple inquiry of theirs opens the door for the Go Team members to share with them why we do what we do.  We verbalize the fact that we love our neighbors and we love to be a blessing – putting Jesus on display!

Fall and Winter Months

During the fall and winter months (October through March), The Neighborhood Go Team’s focus shifts from regular lawn mowing and garden care to something that’s sweeping the nation – “Leaf Freaks”.  The Neighborhood Go Team meets every other Saturday at 9:00 AM at the church during the fall and winter months.  This time period is dedicated mostly to leaf clean-up from our neighbor’s yards.   This period is also dedicated to specific service projects (i.e. putting up new fences, assisting elders and single moms with snow removal, etc.).   The concept, vision, and mandate is the same in the fall and winter months as it is in the spring and summer months – put Jesus on display and earn the right to be heard.  The difference is the ministry tools…rakes and hammers instead of mowers and trimmers.

How do I get off the bench?

Show up!