CFC Kids

What CFCkids is all about.

CFCkids is a place where your child will gather with other children his or her age to experience worship, and prayer. It is also a place where he or she will encounter the stories of the Bible in a hands-on way. This is a program that shares Jesus and His great love in a way that is creative and memorable.

It is our desire to provide your children with a fun, energetic, and nurturing environment for them to learn about God’s amazing love. Our goal is to take God’s Word and use it to create grade schoolers who are hungry to know God personally.

Join us Sunday Morning – 10:00 am

BLUEPRINT – 4 years thru Kindergarten:  This class is designed to lay a solid foundation. Kids learn that the Bible is God’s inspired word and the blueprint for their lives.  They also learn about how much God loves them and his redemptive plan for their salvation.                                                                                                  

IGNITE – 1st – 5th Grade:  This class is designed to help your child take their faith to the next level.  We study God’s word weekly and help the children understand that God wants to have a personal relationship with them.  We pray that each child would come to recognize their need for salvation and experience the saving grace of Jesus! Our prayer is that a fire would be lit that would never be extinguished.